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San Fermín 2019 Packages and Balconies

San Fermin Festival is commonly referred to as the Running of the Bulls Festival. San Fermin takes place over a week in Pamplona,Spain. Starting on July 6th with a  Opening Ceremony or “Txupinazo” (pronounced "Chupinazo") in front of City Hall. Both locals and tourists participate in the event, thousands of people will party on the streets wearing all white with a red handkerchief  ready to signal the beginning of a week long festivities. Throughout the week, the best-known part of the festival occurs, the running of the bulls or “ Encierro”. With a endless list of activities available throughout the week, you are sure to have a memorable experience.

Spots on VIP BALCONIES at most desired spot of Dead Man's Corner for Bull Run and next to the Townhall for Txupinazo are also available HERE. Click for offers

Featured Tour
San Fermin- Running of the Bulls & Closing Ceremony Package 2019 (3 Nights)
Cities : Pamplona

Starting July 12 to July 15 2019 - The San Fermin Closing Ceremony package in Spain for Pamplona's famous festival Fiesta de San Fermin, the running of the bulls.Watch the closing ceremony from our VIP balcony, enjoy a traditional tasting experience, runnin ...

Featured Tour
Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona, Spain Tour of San Fermin (3 Nights)
Cities : Pamplona

Starting July 8 to July 11 2019 - Watch the Running of the Bulls from the best balcony views in Pamplona. Enjoy a Sightseeing Tour and an evening watching Fireworks on the Roof top.

Featured Tour
San Fermin - Running of the Bulls & Opening Ceremony Package (3 Nights)
Cities : Pamplona

Starting July 5 to July 8 2019 - Ultimate package tour in Spain for Pamplona's famous festival Fiesta de San Fermin, the running of the bulls. Watch the Opening Ceremony, Roof-top fireworks, Running of the Bulls and Enjoy a dinner tasting.

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