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Belmond Grand Hibernian Luxury Train - Ireland

Journey on board the Belmond Grand Hibernian, Ireland’s first luxury sleeper train, with a traditional Georgian design. Carrying a maximum of 40 passengers, inside 16 twin and 4 double en suite cabins ensures a cosy and sophisticated atmosphere on board. Lose yourself in emerald vistas that glide past your window or recline on Irish duck down bedding for a peaceful night’s sleep.

The onboard menus feature the finest ingredients from the regions the train travels through and served in the two restaurant Cars; Sligo and Wexford.Each day includes daily meals, drinks, excursions and guides. You can visit historical castles, admire the incredible scenery, visit whisky distilleries, and unique cities. Step aboard and enter a shimmering world of indulgence—contemporary carriages inspired by Dublin’s architecture, fine cuisine enhanced with local delicacies and an ever-changing backdrop of Ireland’s celebrated landscapes

Belmond Grand Hibernian travels and tours both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland on two-, four- and six-night journeys, all beginning and ending in Dublin.


Featured Tour
Belmond Grand Hibernian - Legends and Loughs (4 Nights)
Region : Ireland
Cities : Dublin, Cork, Killarney, Galway, Westport

The four-night journey heads west towards Cork and Blarney Castle, then continues to the spectacular Lakes of Killarney, wild Connemara National Park and charming Galway.

Belmond Grand Hibernian - Grand Tour of Ireland (Northbound) (7 Nights)
Region : Ireland
Cities : Dublin, Waterford, Cork, Killarney, Galway, Westport

Ancient legends,Castles and an Immersive Irish experience—see the highlights of this beautiful country with a complete journey through Ireland. Delve into the country’s rich history on board the Belmond Grand Hibernian, each day promises a new adventure ...

Belmond Grand Hibernian - Taste of Ireland (2 Nights)
Region : Ireland
Cities : Dublin, Waterford

Travel through the Emerald Isle and experience history, culture, and food. Journey in luxury on board the Grand Hibernian on this exciting journey.

Belmond Grand Hibernian Grand Tour Of Ireland (Southbound) (7 Nights)
Region : Ireland
Cities : Dublin, Cork, Killarney, Galway, Westport, Waterford

Immerse yourself in Irish culture and history aboard the luxurious Belmond Grand Hibernian.From the Lavish, Georgian- inspired accommodation and world class cuisine to the final farewell dinner, every moment with us promises a everlasting memory. Lose ...

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