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Tren Crucero Luxury Experience in Ecuador from Guayaquil to Quito

Take the most luxurious train experience - The Tren Crucero in South America from Guayaquil to Quito

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A luxury experience from Guayaquil to Quito by train! Onboard the Tren Crucero you will climb 3,600 meters from the coast to the Andes, and experience one of the most dramatic changes in vegetation and scenery in the world. The train travels through the coastal plains into a dense cloud forest that slowly clears before the imposing walls of the Andes and the looming “Nariz del Diablo” pass. Here the train will slowly zigzag its way up the daunting tracks to arrive at the quaint village of Alausi in the Andean Highlands. From then onwards, imposing volcanoes preside over the landscape as the train cruises through colorful quinoa fields and lands dotted with grazing herds of sheep, llama, and alpaca. On the eastern flanks of the Chimborazo volcano you may meet the last “ice merchant" and sample ice cream made from fresh fruit and ice from the glacier!

You will then make a slow descent towards Quito across the Avenue of Volcanoes, where you may visit a mountain forest as the Cotopaxi Volcano looms in the distance.  After this you will pass through the Northern Andes, where you can spot the Cayambe Volcano while you cross rose plantations and livestock farms. In the impressive city of Otavalo, home to a large handcraft market, a steam engine will await you at the recently restored train station. There will be many wonders in store for you on this section of the tour: skilled Quiteña style woodcarvers, rich Ecuadorian Gastronomy, and local traditions used by weavers, musicians, and healers. Your journey ends back in Quito, with a visit to its World Heritage Colonial Quarter.*

Unique Experiences:

  • Let history come to life as an authentic steam locomotive carries you through some of the most exciting parts of the journey.
  • Climb the Devil's Nose, a masterpiece of engineering that is known as the most challenging railroad anywhere in the world.
  • Enjoy breathtaking landscapes visible only by train!
  • Enjoy accommodations in historical farm houses, called haciendas, where you will experience local customs and cuisine!
  • Avail yourself of the professional staff devoted to attending to your needs.

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Train departs at 8:30 am from the Eloy Alfaro Train Station in Duran.

Your tour will be starting at the Eloy Alfaro Station in Duran. Please arrive at the station promptly at 7:30 AM to ensure you have time to check in and board the train, which will depart at 8:30 AM. Upon arrival at the train station, you will see a check-in station for Tren Crucero: Please present your voucher, along with valid photo ID, to the representative. All necessary paperwork, as applicable, will be handed over to you at this time. 

**Remember to be in the train station at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure with your personal identification.


Embarkation and Disembarkation:

  • Prior to the train's departure, guests have a meet and greet in Duran
  • If a guest plans on joining Tren Crucero at a station besides Duran, train staff will be available to assist him or her.
Cities Covered Guayaquil ,  Duran ,  Yaguachi ,  Alausí

Please Note: All itineraries are approximate and subject to change based on availability and conditions at the destination.

Our journey to the Andes begins in Duran train station where we will board a convoy pulled by a carefully restored steam locomotive. The roaring engine, steam whistles and steel wheels over the railways will take us back in time to the early XIX century and the adventurous experience that is the Tren Crucero.

Our first stop is Yaguachi, were we will switch engines to continue our trip across vast plantations of sugar cane, banana, rice and pineapple until we reach the Naranjito station.

A short bus transfer will take us to a local hacienda were we will learn about the cocoa bean and we will be part of the chocolate making process. Ecuadorian cocoa beans are considered to be the best of the world and you would have the opportunity to taste them while we visit the hacienda.

In the afternoon a “montubio” show will welcome us before we taste the delicious food of the coast of Ecuador.
A bus transfer will take us to Bucay were we will take a hike around the tropical forest, home of countless plants, birds and orchids that will marvel us with their different sizes and exuberant colours.

We will check in at our hotel and prepare for dinner.


  • Lunch
  • Dinner


For 2019: The following Itinerary will apply 

Day 1 – Saturday Durán – Yaguachi – Naranjito – Alausí

Our first meeting will be at Duran station where a carefully restored steam locomotive will be waiting to transport us on a journey through time. With its roars and whistles, it will make us revive past times when these fabulous machines began to travel along the coastal tracks for the first time, changing completely the history of the country. The first stop will be at the Yaguachi station, the first one in the country, where we will say goodbye to our steam locomotive to make a way for a diesel-electric, we will be able to observe the exchange of these impressive machines from outside the maneuver area. We continue through extensive plantations of sugarcane, banana, coffee, pineapple and a countless number of tropical products to Naranjito station. Upon our arrival in this area a short bus ride takes us to our next destination, an agricultural farm where we will discover the process of harvesting and sowing Ecuadorian cocoa, we will be able to taste 100% cocoa and we will see why Ecuador has the best cocoa quality in the world. We will enjoy lunch in a beautiful costal hacienda prepared with products from the area and soon after we will continue our trip. The bus will take us along a road that climbs to the Andes, a very scenic bus trip in which we will ascend more than 2000 meters in altitude in just 4 hours. During this trip we can witness the abrupt changes of climate, vegetation and geography resulting from the presence of the Andean mountain range. This fact gives Ecuador an incomparable beauty and biodiversity. Our first day ends in the comfort of our hotel in this small town nestled in the sharp mountains. Walking on the evening through its streets will give us a feeling of returning several decades in time

Cities Covered Alausí ,  Riobamba

Our next day adventure continues by bus when we climb the Andes on a pleasant 4 hours drive. During this ride we will look at the amazing changes in, landscape from the peaceful green plains of the coast to the colossal Andean mountains that cast their shadows on the road. Our destination is the town of Alausi were we will embark on a thrilling adventure on board the famous Devil´s Nose train.

Upon arrival at Alausi Train station we will join a restored XX century convoy and we will start our trip to the Devil´s Nose pass, a 450-meter descend in barely 12 kilometres on a zig-zagging railway that allows the locomotive to pull forwards and backwards the convoy to reach its destination, Sibambe train station. At Sibambe a colourful Andean community ballet will welcome us. Many are the histories that tell us why this pass was baptized as La Nariz del Diablo or The Devil´s Nose, from the shape of the mountain that awakens our imagination to the number of human lives that took to overcome this nearly impossible obstacle.

After our thrilling adventure of The Devil´s Nose, we will take a bus ride to Guamote. Lunch will be served on board and afterwards we will continue or journey north to Colta were an impressive steam engine locomotive known as “The Black Monster” will be waiting for us. This huge steam engine was carefully overhauled and is strong enough to pull convoys over the railways of the Andes where the altitude and lack of oxygen makes this a titanic task. Once we arrive to Riobamba a bus transfer will take us to our hotel for a delicious meal and a good night sleep.

Meals included.

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

For 2019: The following Itina will itnerary apply:

Day 2 – Sunday Alausí – Devil´s Nose – Riobamba

The second day begins with the impressive trip aboard a different convoy, which dates from the twentieth century and will be waiting for us to descend through the fearsome pass of La Nariz del Diablo (the Devi´ls Nose); an intricate switch-back that allows the train to descend 511 meters in just 12 kilometers of railway. The Sibambe station awaits us down below, full of people and different activities in the surroundings, a small community depending merely on the touristic activity from the train. Back in Alausí, we will have a time for pictures and visit the local market, the quiet city lost in the time of the previous night, becomes the scenery of one of the most colorful markets in the area that serves more than a dozen communities from the area. A short bus ride will take us to the Palmira station where our train is. Lunch will be served on board. Our train will run towards Colta where the "Black Monster" is ready to pull the train, an impressive Baldwin steam locomotive that has been carefully overhauled. There we can visit the first church in the country known as the Balvanera or another option for train-lovers, will be filming the run of this with the steam locomotive ahead. The fields of quinoa, potatoes, onions, corn and other products of these fertile soils, will be decorating the landscape while waiting for the great Chimborazo to show up before we reach the capital city of Chimborazo province, Riobamba. Riobamba an enchanting city where we can take a short walk. Its cobbled streets and squares tell the history of the country at every step.

Cities Covered Riobamba ,  Urbina ,  Latacunga

We depart for Urbina train station, the highest point in our itinerary at 3,600 metres above sea level. There, on the eastern flanks of the Chimborazo Volcano, we meet the fascinating last ice merchant, Baltazar Ushca, to tell the tale of his ancestral trade.

We continue north across the Avenue of Volcanoes a term coined by Alexander Von Humboldt due to the impressive number of volcanoes present in this part of the Andean mountain range. In between the two flanks of the Andes colourful valleys extend for many miles, offering you unique landscapes along the way.

While our train continues making its way up north the devils will take over the train. A picturesque and ancestral tradition the “Diablada Pillareña” parade will add a touch of joy and music to this beautiful day.

Under the watchful eyes of the Cotopaxi our train will makes its way to of the local haciendas to take part on the daily farm activities. At the hacienda we will be greet by the “chagras” the cowboys of the Andes, who will share part of their culture with you.

We arrive to Quito train Station located in the traditional neighbourhood of Chimbacalle were a bus will be waiting for us to take us to our hotels for dinner and a peaceful night at this UNESCO Cultural Heritage City.

For 2019: The following the itinerary

Day 3 – Monday Riobamba – La Moya – Urbina – Latacunga

In the morning, the inhabitants of the community of La Moya will show us the life in the Andes, we will be able to interact with them and see one of the best examples of community organization for work, such as the ancestors taught the different generations. The tour continues towards the Urbina station. Located just over 3,600 meters above sea level, we will get to know the paramo ecosystems of the skirts of Chimborazo. Baltazar Ushca, the last ice merchant of Chimborazo, will tell us his story and explain the reasons behind his dedication despite the opposition and arrival of machines to the country. The train will go through the valley near Cotopaxi but on the way, a group of devils will take the train by surprise when the Diablada de Pillaro (devils from Pillaro) is celebrated on board, a parade full of colors, music and joy that reminds us of the spirit of the Andean communities and their understanding of the world, this parade was declared national heritage. The final stop of the day will be the Latacunga station from where we can get to the different hotels in the area.

Cities Covered Latacunga ,  Cotopaxi ,  Quito


Our journey continues in the morning with a 2 hours bus ride north across rose plantations and charming mountains that seem to be patched up in different colours by the many plantations along the way. Our destination will be the valley of Otavalo in the Imbabura Province. Otavalo is home of ancient cultures, skilled craftspeople and the world-renowned Otavalo market.

We arrive at San Roque Train station where we will embark a panoramic convoy on a journey full of hidden wonders, musicians, painters, weavers and the skilful woodcarvers who keep the complicated Quito School of Art style alive. Delve yourself into this amazing world of colours and textures while we explore the northern routes of the Ecuadorian railway.

After our train trip we will visit Hacienda la Compania, located close to the equatorial line, this XVIII century hacienda will amaze you with its export-class rose plantation and exquisite Andean cuisine. After lunch we will return to Quito.

Meals included.

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch

For 2019: The following itnerary will apply

Day 4 Tuesday: Latacunga – Cotopaxi National Park – Quito

We will meet at the Latacunga Station to travel by bus to the Cotopaxi National Park. Within the park we are able to join a moderate walk around the Limpiopungo lagoon where different sorts of plants and birds adapted to the altitude. Natural photography will be part of this morning and then we will board the train. The train will continue near the slopes of Cotopaxi, to our next stop, a typical Andean hacienda where we will be part of the daily activities of the chagra hacienda. Upon our arrival we will be welcomed by these Andean Cowboys (Chagras), who will show off their skills as riders and teach us a little of their culture and traditions. Our last day of expedition ends at the Eloy Alfaro station with a short walk inside the property, where our guides will make us discover the secrets of this patrimony. The capital of Ecuador, the beautiful city of Quito, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, will welcome us at night.

Cities Covered Quito

Check out of your hotel after breakfast.

While your tour ends today, we would love to offer you a number of the optional activities in and around Quito including:

Day at the Mindo Cloud Forest
City Tour of Quito and visit to the Middle of the World
Tour to Papallacta for a spa day at the hot springs.

You can also choose a trip to the Galapagos Islands with us where you can enjoy a cruise or an island hopping tour - We got the best deals and experts that will make it happen for you.

Need more? Contact us and we will be happy to assist with more extensions.

Departure Dates and Rates

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Mar 20199, 23Apr 20196, 20Jun 20196
Jul 20196Sep 20197, 21Oct 20195
Nov 20192, 16Dec 201914, 28

All Rates in US$ per person including ALL taxes and surcharges

ClassDatesSingle RateDouble RateTriple Rate
For departures December 1,2018 through April 20,2019 US$ 2,722 US$ 2,322 CALL US
For departures June 6,2019 through September 7,2019 US$ 2,654 US$ 2,264 CALL US
For departures September 21,2019 through December 14,2019 US$ 2,586 US$ 2,206 CALL US
Luxury - Full Tour
For departures December 1,2018 through April 20,2019 US$ 2,082 US$ 1,735 US$ 1,735
For departures June 6,2019 through July 6,2019 US$ 1,978 US$ 1,649 US$ 1,649
For departure September 7,2019 US$ 1,926 US$ 1,605 US$ 1,605
For departures September 21,2019 through December 14,2019 US$ 1,874 US$ 1,562 US$ 1,562
Luxury - Full Tour with twin bed
For departures December 1,2018 through April 20,2019 US$ 2,082 US$ 1,735 US$ 1,735
For departures June 6,2019 through July 6,2019 US$ 1,978 US$ 1,649 US$ 1,649
For departure September 7,2019 US$ 1,926 US$ 1,605 US$ 1,605
For departures September 21,2019 through December 14,2019 US$ 1,874 US$ 1,562 US$ 1,562
For departure December 28,2019 US$ 2,082 US$ 1,735 US$ 1,735

Prices are subject to change without notice in case of extreme circumstances.
Children Under 12 are allowed child fare but they have to pay along side with 2 Adults (triple room).

What your journey prices includes:

  • Accommodations in haciendas/hotels for the four nights you tour Ecuador with Tren Crucero
  • All meals (except dinner on day 4) for the duration of your tour
  • Complimentary water, tea, coffee, juices, snacks, and fruits on board the train
  • Transportation to and from, and participation in, off-train excursions as described in the tour itinerary as well as the services of bilingual (Spanish and English) guides.

What your journey price DOES NOT include:

  • Airfare (Domestic or international); visa fees; travel insurance fees; alcoholic beverages; gratuities; additional toiletries; laundry service fees; any items of a personal nature, such as souvenirs; any items not specifically described in the tour itinerary.
  • Unless specifically mentioned, any pre- or post-tour accommodations, transfers to and from hotels at the beginning and end of the tour, or tour extensions are not included in the price of your journey.
  • All Ecuadorian citizens participating in this excursion must pay an additional tax equivalent to 14% of their total tour price. 
  • Special Promotions (Online Coupons) cannot be combined with free hotel offer. Guests have choice of choosing any one promotion.
Terms and Conditions


35% of total tour cost is due at the time of booking, with the remaining balance of 65% due no later than 95 days prior to the tour's departure date.

If a guest needs to change their tour date, an administrative fee will be charged at the discretion of Palace Tours.

Children between the ages of two and up to 12 years of age at time of travel are priced at 75% of the adult cost.


  • Cancellations up to 95 days prior to departure,  no cancelation fees apply.
  • Cancellations between 89 to 61 days’ prior departure, a 35% deposit is held as cancellation fee.
  •  Cancellations between 60 to 50 days’ prior departure, a 50% deposit is held as cancellation fee.
  •  49 days or less or no show the day of departure, 100% cancellation fee applies.
  • When applicable, Palace Tours will charge an administrative fee equal to 15% of the total tour costs against refunds 
  • The dates are according to international terms so there is an additional 3 days in order to process cancelations and refunds 



All itineraries are approximate and subject to change based on availability and conditions at the destination.



We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover the losses incurred in case of cancellation. For information on available plans please visit
Please note that as of February 2018, all guests travelling to Ecuador are obligated to provide proof of health insurance when passing through immigration in order to gain entry into the country of Ecuador. Guests must be able to show valid proof of international travel insurance, whether public or private, for the duration of their stay in Ecuador. For further information contact the consulate office at destination. For any other questions or concerns, please contact Palace Tours.


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