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Private Tours in Colombia

If you're looking for a stress-free tour where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful nature and sights of Colombia, one of these is sure to deliver.

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Colombia and Beaches of the Caribbean (Private) (7 Nights)
Cities : Bogota, Cartagena, San Andres

Travel to Colombia's lesser-known beach havens. The tour begins in the capital, Bogota before moving you to the coastal city of Cartagena. Spend the last three days on the Colombian island of San Andres. Located off the coast of Nicaragua in the western ...

The Medellin Experience (3 Nights)

This 3-night tour showcases the highlights of Medellin, from its Poblado neighborhood and Botero's art, to neighboring villages and the colorful Guatape.

The Bogota Experience (3 Nights)

Enjoy a 4 Day tour of Bogota. A private guide will take you on a journey through the National Capitol,the Gold museum and the Salt Cathedral. Arrive on Friday, and spend an unforgettable weekend in the city.

The Cartagena Experience (4 Nights)

Visit Cartagena in Colombia on a 4 day tour through the vibrant city and the Rosario Islands. Private tour with the perfect blend of modern and colonial architecture.

The Coffee Experience (3 Nights)
Cities : Pereira, Alcala, Caldas, Cocora, Salento

Hidden inside Colombia's famed coffee triangle is Cocora Valley, flanked y the worlds's tallest palm trees, lush hillls and berry speckled trees. A specialized eco-guide will walk you through Cocora where you will experience the ritual of Quindo wax palm ...

Showing Results 1 - 5 of 5

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A visa or visas may be required for some or all of the countries visited on the tour selected. Please check with the respective consulates in your country for visa requirements and they may vary depending on visitor's nationality, origin and/or destination. Palace Tours does not provide assistance with visas or visa consultation.